Our Company Culture & What our Team Loves About Working Here

At YesVR, we say yes to cultural diversity and acceptance. We pride ourselves on the culture which is positive, supportive, friendly and welcoming, with no egos allowed! Our workplace consists of people of diverse backgrounds, religions and ages that have come together in true start-up spirit, sharing ideas surrounding great entrepreneurship, VR technology and outside-the-box thinking. 

Our company founders are Dianne and Paul. Both Dianne and Paul are former Tafe teachers and share a strong passion for working with the younger generation. From content writing roles to taking on the reigns of software development to undergoing market research and all the challenges of start up culture and emerging VR Technology. YesVR brings a dynamic group of people together to provide enriched learning to all.

The curation of a strong mentorship program ensures each intern receives ongoing advice and support working on projects that are in line with their future career pursuits. 

Take a look at what some interns say about working here:

I love the collaborative and encouraging atmosphere and the flexibility and freedom I get while interning as a content writer.

Simran, content writer intern

I love that I can talk with my colleagues in a free manner, the culture is great, like a second family and I have come to grasp the day to day challenges of a startup. I am now able to do research on potential clients by using sales analysis prospect tools and improving my SEO skills.

Adeline, business development intern 

As I’ve been a video editor before joining YesVR, the most important skill that I’ve learned here is being able to communicate ideas to staff in a work environment to proliferate the company and how they want to present themselves.

Lachlan, video production intern 

Full stack development has always been what I want to do in my future work, thus I really appreciate the internship at YesVR which allows me to work as a full stack developer intern and learn new technologies. Since interning at YesVR I have been improving my Unity and C# software development skills. 

Curtis, software development intern 

Weekly Huddle Sessions #noworktalk 

The “Huddle” has kept our team in high spirits, especially since the onset of remote work. 

Each week our team comes together over a zoom call, using it as a chance to take a pause in our day and to enjoy a laugh or a possibly even a good story.What we like to do on the weekend, may seem like a mundane topic, but as we are such a diverse team, there really is always something we can take away from asking! 

During our weekly huddle sessions we have made it a habit to share one thing that we are grateful for, and also to extend our sense of humour as each employee must come with a prepared virtual zoom background (may the best background win!). 

Outside of work, our team likes to extend our fun and friendly conversations by getting together to enjoy some of our shared hobbies and interests. This summer we have been on morning bike rides to Manly and Bicentennial Park, versed each other in tennis, bowling and played video games. We have also enjoyed trying each other’s cultural foods and sharing our unique interests with the rest of the team, so that we can always engage in interesting conversations. 

Be sure to look out for future opportunities to work with us. We can guarantee it will be a great experience with our friendly lot! 

Written by Lauren Tizzone

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