Don’t you hate when you get up and your back sounds more like a glow stick and feels like a plank? Well, I’m sure no one likes that. And what would you do to alleviate some of that pain? Do some yoga/pilates, or pay a crazy high fee for a chiropractor who you’re not even sure is properly qualified? Gone are those worries, let VR take the reins here.


With the statistics stated above, it is obvious that treating back pain should be a priority in Australia. Over in America,  FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved a breakthrough technology called AppliedVR and EaseVRx, is changing the world’s perception of this fantastic technology. A pioneer in the field, as it can treat treatment resistant fibromyalgia and chronic lower back pain.  


At AppliedVR, we are pioneering virtual reality therapeutics (VRx) to address unmet needs and improve clinical outcomes for patients with serious health conditions.


We envision a new era in which VR therapeutics are widely embraced and accessible, opening up a vast exciting new venue for science and discovery with the potential to improve the lives of millions.”

Says AppliedVr


– Pain intensity reduced 30 percent;

– Pain-related activity interference reduced 37 percent;

– Pain-related mood interference reduced 50 percent;

– Pain-related sleep interference reduced 40 percent; and

– Pain-related stress interference reduced 49 percent.

These results came about after the first successful completion of the randomised controlled trial (RCT). The test revealed that the VR treatment (skills-based and self-administered) was practical and realistic. Making this the ideal alternative in these times of the pandemic, where leaving home is not a feasible option for many individuals globally. 

“Virtual reality is a promising skills-based behavioral medicine that has been shown to have high patient engagement and satisfaction,”

said Dr. Beth Darnall, AppliedVR’s chief science advisor.

Written by Belinda Saha

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