Meet the YesVR Team: Experts in
Virtual Reality Training

Revolutionise Your Training Program with
Our Talented Professionals
At YesVR, we believe that great teams are the foundation of successful businesses. That’s why we’ve brought together a talented group of professionals from diverse backgrounds to help your organisation achieve its training goals.
Our team is made up of experts in a variety of fields, including education, virtual reality technology, film and business strategy. With decades of combined experience, we’re equipped to take on any challenge and help you develop a training program that meets your unique needs.
Each team member brings their own unique perspective and skillset to the table, ensuring that your program is tailored to your specific goals and objectives. From learning and development strategists to technical wizards, we’ve got you covered.
At YesVR, we’re passionate about helping businesses harness the power of virtual reality to revolutionise their training programs. We’re dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and best practices, so you can be confident that you’re working with the best team in the business.
Get to know our team and see how we can help take your training program to the next level.



Melissa as an award-winning Learning Designer with a Ph.D. in Human Communication Studies. Her role is to ensure learning outcomes are clearly defined and scripted.


    Content Director & Co-Founder

    Dianne is a business and hospitality industry veteran with extensive experience producing quality learning and development resources for vocational education providers.


      Founder and CEO

      Paul is an experienced vocational trainer with a passion for exploring fun, engaging ways to help students learn.


        360 Film & Post-Production Expert

        Daniel creates the framework, sets up equipment to capture everything, and converts hours of filmed footage and sound recording into minutes of relevant content.


          Programmer / Game Developer

          Takaaki is a programmer and game developer at YesVR who loves experiencing and experimenting with new technology.

            RAJENDRA KUMAR

            Business Development & Operations Strategist

            Raj has global experience in Business Development across multiple fields including construction, mining, e-commerce and investments. Strategy, planning and genuine curiosity are his strengths.