Empower Your Team with our VR Solutions

At YesVR, we understand that every business has unique training needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of VR services designed to meet those needs. From research and content production to experiential learning and deployment, we have the right solution for you.
Our virtual environments represent different training scenarios and allow employees to practice and develop their skills in a safe, controlled environment. Our team’s expertise in education and film-making ensures that every aspect of our VR training experiences is designed with the learner in mind, resulting in a deeper and more meaningful training experience.
Our research services help organisations identify training gaps and design solutions to address those gaps. We use a variety of research methodologies, including focus groups and surveys, to understand the unique training needs of your business. Our research can also help you determine the ROI of your training program.
According to the PwC Report 2020, VR training is more cost-effective at scale than classroom or e-learning. VIVE and Intel’s report concluded that VR training had an estimated potential 5-year ROI of 300%.
Our content production services include everything from scripting and storyboarding to filming and post-production. We work with you to create custom VR training experiences that meet your specific training needs.
Our team’s expertise in film-making ensures that your VR training experiences are not only informative but also engaging.
Our experiential learning services use VR to create emotional connections to training content. We understand that employees are more likely to retain information when they are emotionally engaged with the material.
Our team’s expertise in education ensures that our experiential learning solutions are not only emotionally engaging but also effective in driving real results.
Our deployment services help organisations get the most out of their VR training programs. We provide ongoing support to ensure that your VR training experiences are being used effectively and that employees are engaging with the material. 
Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) can track VR training sessions, trainees’ progress, and generate reports on training completion.
We also provide technical support to the client to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.


With our comprehensive range of VR services, we can help you improve job readiness, boost confidence, and enhance emotional connections to content. 
Choose YesVR for a VR training experience that puts education first and delivers real results.