Fashion has always been ahead of the game, with the outlandish and magnificently crafted designer pieces as well as the amazingly weird makeup adorned by the models. So what can be done to amp up the already futuristic and no borders community? VR, duh!

Easier to choose outfits

So you’ve planned to go out today and hang out with your friends, great! But what will you wear? What’s the weather like? Which aesthetic are you feeling today? Should you be super casual or super extra? You don’t even have what you want to wear, so you sprint over to the nearest shopping centre, and nothing is vibing with you. Feeling overwhelmed with all of these choices, has become the new norm of today. We all want to look and feel our best, and there is nothing wrong with that. VR can help streamline this process, by enabling people to try on their outfits virtually, instead of making a mess of their rooms. This saves time and lessens stress because it takes less time to try on articles of clothing. Brands have already started to utilise this technology in their stores such as GAP who have included VR into their dressing rooms. Taking away the sometimes uncomfortable nature of changing clothes in an unknown area. This ultimately lessens returns as well as dressing room waiting lines. 

Better customer relationships

Fashion week held in Milan, Tokyo, New York showcase the newest and most glamorous pieces of designer clothing. So let’s say you saw a beautiful Louis Vuitton dress that you must have, but it costs thousands of dollars and you’re not actually sure if it’s something you want to purchase. No fear, VR is here. With the addition of this amazing technology, customers can interact with products virtually and feel less pressured to purchase anything. So you won’t feel too bad for leaving that Louis Vuitton dress, or for buying it (no judging here). VR creates better relationships with its customers because it is interactive and less daunting, as shopping while being tailed by a sales assistant worsens the overall shopping experience, so why not shop in the comfort of your room? 

Brands who have begun to use VR:

For runways:

For magazines:

Virtual Reality is an amazing tool for many industries because it integrates audio and visual stimuli, making an experience immensely more immersive and effective. In fashion, the clothes and accessories are only a small part  of the industry. Marketing and customer engagement are integral to the success of any brand, designer and luxury brands included. 

Written by Belinda Saha

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