To all the people much older than most of us, 15% of Australians are aged 65 or over (as of 2017), technology can be daunting to say the least. We may be used to all the technology that is at our fingertips, but that doesn’t mean the elderly can’t learn how to use it either. Technology can’t be avoided in this society, so it’s time for everyone to embrace it. And what better way than to teach the aged care sector and carers, so that they can teach seniors in a more personal manner?

The elderly, when taught properly, can learn digital skills quite well. Seniors, in this day and age, need to learn how to use digital devices to;

So where do aged care workers and carers come into the picture? 

Aged care workers and carers, alike, can learn to properly use technology. Such as attending and participating in workshops and seminars, where they can learn how to navigate social media, video calling and more. You might be thinking; “Why do aged care workers and carers need to learn how to use technology, aren’t they young themselves?” On the contrary, in the aged care sector (as of 2006) only 20% are under 35years old, demonstrating the need to teach the employees and carers how to use technology. When they have acquired a high understanding of how to use the technology they can then also learn how to properly teach the eldery such as;

  1. Build on already known terms, such as comparing finding street addresses on a map to finding web addresses on the computer. 
  2. Give context! Before they know the wonders of YouTube, show them the joys of being able to watch videos whenever you want.
  3. Don’t use technical jargon. Use plain terms and build up to more complicated words, don’t stress them out.
  4. Go at their pace. Don’t go too slow or fast, just see what they can handle. 
  5. Appreciate all questions.
  6. Give them room to practice how to use the skills they’ve learnt.
  7. Be supportive, you’ve just learnt how to use it too so control your angst and be patient. They’ll get it soon!

Written by Belinda Saha

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