Virtual reality is such a force that in this day and age, it can even assist individuals in becoming the next generation’s greatest artists. While music can seem to be an art form where the artists are known more for their presence at parties than their musical talents, it should be noted that a lot of hard work and long nights go into the creation of music, the production and the marketing. So, of course, VR can help. 

But how?  

  1. In the classroom

Imagine, you’re in music class about to watch and “analyse” High School Musical 3 when the teacher brings out VR headsets so that you can actually learn music. As it is right now, the traditional classroom setting is not as engaging as it could be. This is because while there are many students, there is only one teacher who has to support everyone which becomes quite difficult. To combat this, a new project utilising VR devices and flash animations was created called “the Project of Vocal Music Construction”. This enables the student to practice their desired instrument, without having to see their classmates which can be quite distracting and/or discouraging. With the VR device it can simulate a big open space where they can freely practice, and their pitch as well as tonality can be recorded. These records can help them improve on their skills in the long run. 

  1. Bringing The Fans Even Closer

Fans are such an important part of a musician’s career, because a musician without a fanbase can’t be successful. And what does a fan want to feel most? Like they’re besties with the artist of course, not speaking from experience. While VR won’t make you Troye Sivan’s new bestie, it will enable fans to indulge in a more engaging experience where they can come closer to their favourite artist similar to a concert. Like the clip below. And I don’t know about you, but clips like this really help during this no concert period.  

  1. Marketing

Don’t fall into the stereotype of being a starving artist, and don’t think of yourself as a sell-out if you make some money out of good marketing. We all need money to function in this society, and that’s no different for musicians. VR can become an amazing way of advertising, just look at the marketing for Pokemon Go where you had to physically go to special locations to catch em’ all. So just think of what VR can do for musicians; VR music videos, VR concerts, VR fan-meets, the possibilities are truly endless 

  1. Have Concerts Again

Concerts and live shows are a large portion of a musician’s income and livelihood but with restrictions in place around the world it has become so difficult to hold shows. With VR, shows can receive wider audiences because VR technology can connect people globally. While these measures may have been thought of now, because of our current times, this could become a way of the future because artists can garner in more fans and gain more profit. 

Music has always been an immensely helpful force in our world, helping us when we are sad and frustrated with the world but also making us happier in moments that we never want to forget. VR is now helping music build back its foundations, so that the industry can continue to flourish and grow. 

Written by Belinda Saha

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