Businesses must remain ahead of the rest and be the winner of the game. VR is the best way to do that in this day and age. Online training, or training in general, is often deemed to be a dreaded aspect for employees because of its tedious and repetitive nature. Thanks to VR training, learners can learn the same content (once boring and stressful to think about) in an engaging and immersive manner. VR has revolutionised online training through:


2.Making the not-so-fun into fun 

3.Customised courses

eLearning is an imperative aspect of the modern world which has gained notoriety due to the pandemic, as everything relocated to the internet. VR is no longer a gimmick that is showcased in shopping centres, but rather an intensely helpful device that will shape current and future generations. While VR learning may have become more known due to the pandemic, it has been a prominent figure for a while in educational and corporate businesses. The device has altered eLearning forever, revolutionising online training for every industry.



With the employment of VR technology, industries and corporations can aid in their students and employees learning experience with the use of immersive scenarios and environments. This technology is being utilised by a wide variety of training institutes around the world especially in medical and educational fields. 

The reason why VR is so revolutionary is because of its extremely immersive nature (due to the use of auditory and visual cues) which makes it much less distracting than using a mobile phone or laptop. Mobile phones and laptops, while extremely helpful tools for our education, are also vehicles for some of the biggest distractions such as social media and a plethora of streaming sites. With VR, the only thing you can access is the material to be learnt so when you are transported and surrounded in an environment that is set up to replicate the real world, focusing becomes much less of a challenge. Retaining focus is one of the biggest issues in our modern world, PsychMinds states that “our brains are becoming rewired to suit these technological times. It has been found that older people have longer attention spans than younger people,” and VR is helping combat that. 



If you thought that this point refers to making the content into games, you’re not too far off. A new trend in the VR training world called gamification, has been adapted into almost all industries such as; IT, business and of course eLearning. Gamification refers to “when you take game elements and apply them to everyday activities. The goal of gamifying a situation, typically, is to motivate someone to do something,” as stated by BuiltIn. VR technology has the ability to easily integrate this concept into eLearning making the entire experience more engaging and enjoyable, whilst also teaching more content and leaving a bigger impact on the learner. 



One of the biggest advantages with VR training is that the modules and content is completely customisable, indicating that the content produced will be 100% yours. Which is why any educational institute can reach out to us to assist in forming the perfect training modules for you. The learning becomes a lot more practical, rather than the typical hammering of only theoretical knowledge to the students which creates better skilled individuals. 

VR Learning Is The Way

VR technology is a revolutionary piece of technology which has already made an impact upon society such as; assisting the military and helping people who have mental illnesses. This technology should be embraced by every sector of society, but especially online training and learning because of the many benefits it provides as well as the exemplary results it produces. VR will continue to strive and alter in the learning sector, so stay ahead of the curve and reach out to YesVR to see how we can help you remain at the front of the race. 

Written by Belinda Saha

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