Chance Glasco (cofounder of Doghead simulations) has “no doubt” that online classes will one day be replaced by virtual reality.

“No one builds memories of online classes,” he says. “It’s just data being fed to your brain in the most boring way possible.” 

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Is VR the end of traditional online learning? In short, yes. 

See how helpful VR truly is for online learning; 

  • 26% of businesses are using VR/AR to train employees
  • 70% of professionals believe that organisations will focus on adopting VR/AR in training and development in 2021 
  • VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%) 
  • 39% of big organisations leverage VR/AR technology to facilitate training in simulated environments
  • Leading the way in implementation is DHL Express, which collaborated with Immerse to build a VR training platform to boost efficiency in Unit Load Device (ULD) stacking and safety. Interestingly, 90% of all participants lauded the platform for helping them improve efficiency and work better. 
  • Intel also recognises the potential of VR for enterprises. In one of its projects dubbed “Corporate Training with Virtual Reality,” the tech giant found that 94% of trainees asked for more VR-based courses to be availed. Besides, the company projected that the 5-year ROI of a single VR-based course could reach 300%.

University, schooling and most educational institutions have been online for the last year because of the pandemic. This has become our new normal, not for just when the pandemic ends, but for our entire educational system. While online classes and training has its perks, like erasing travel time and accumulating less costs, the training/education itself becomes tedious. As a university student myself, I completely understand the frustration of a student who has been forced to sit through hours and hours of online boring lectures. It’s a necessary evil, so to speak. So what could make these necessary sessions a bit more engaging, interactive, impactful and just plain old fun? VR of course. 

Typical online learning should be replaced by VR technology for a plethora of reasons. 

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Written by Belinda Saha

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