“We debuted a first look at Facebook Horizon, a social experience where you can explore, play, and create with others in VR. Since then, we’ve been hard at work inside of Horizon, building new worlds and getting things ready.”

Stated by Facebook 

If Mark Zuckerberg is interested in something, there definitely is potential or profit associated with the product. Social media reinvents itself every few years. Like how we shifted from the days of MySpace and Bebo (remember those relics?) to Facebook and Instagram. Now, we are close to the next shift in social media as big figures in business realise the immense potential of VR. 

Virtual Reality enables individuals to connect, engage and interact in new and innovative ways. We can meet people from all over the world to play games, experience dangerous locations, or just to chill together, so why wouldn’t you use VR? Especially when it can strengthen friendships and make family gatherings a bit more fun. Here are a few examples of the platforms that already exist;

Soon, the days of where you post a simple photo of that special brunch or a retweet will be changed forever because of VR. VR forces all of its content to become much more immersive, and as social media has evolved from being for just personal use to a business necessity. Businesses will find more success through the integration of VR because customer engagement is heightened through the utilisation of this technology, and personal users will be able to be more interactive with their followers creating a more fulfilling experience. 

How social media is already being influenced by VR:

Major CEOs are looking to integrate VR into their brands so don’t miss out on the new rotation of social media, start familiarising yourself with VR today. 

Written by Belinda Saha

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