VR is often mistaken to be solely for recreational use by the younger generation in our society, but at YesVR we believe that this technology can be employed to better many facets of society. One sector that would immensely benefit from VR is Aged Care, inclusive of both the elderly and the individuals who ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

VR can be used by the aged care professionals

VR technology has been utilised in the medical world for a formidable amount of time, as it enables students to explore scenarios and experience simulations that are not often readily available, and this can also be applied to the Aged Care system. For example, ensuring that nurses are aware of how patients with dementia feel, as done by Alzheimer’s Australia. The organisation created a program, to be used through VR, in order to train professionals and carers about the reality of having this terrifying illness through simulations. This opens up a world of possibilities, as it can further train professionals about a variety of ailments that affect the elderly, which creates a stronger sense of empathy and understanding towards them. 

VR didn’t forget the elderly either

The elderly can also utilise VR for their own benefit. Yes, grandma and grandpa have more skills than you thought especially because VR headsets are extremely intuitive to use. They would just need a session or two to get used to the device, and off they go. But what makes it beneficial for grandma and grandpa? 

A gym for the mind

It’s a known fact that the older we become, the slower our mind becomes. In order to prevent this, the brain needs to exercise which is achieved by being stimulated daily. Most nursing homes have attempted to do this by having small outings, leisure rooms, having televisions and books and by having occasional events. And while these are good ways to combat their mind slowing down, these methods have begun to prove not as effective or as safe because of our current pandemic. To ensure that the residents still have simulations, VR is an amazing substitution and replacement. As the residents can experience stimulations that include 360 degree technology, with motion tracking so that they are immersed in whichever world they wish to be in. This, as a result, will alleviate their mood and ensure a more healthy lifestyle, which in turn, makes it cheaper for the Aged Care sector in the long run. 

Humans are social creatures

In our current society, it can often be forgotten that the elderly still need friends and to socialise in order to remain healthy individuals. This becomes much harder when the elderly are in aged care facilities because, even though they are often close in proximity, making friends when you’re older is harder. 

Loneliness has a detrimental effect on a person’s health; emotionally, physically and mentally. Anne Vinggaard Christensen, reported by Health Europa, states that “Loneliness is a strong predictor of premature death, worse mental health, and lower quality of life in patients with cardiovascular disease, and a much stronger predictor than living alone, in both men and women.” 

To prevent long term loneliness, VR can ensure that you can interact with people that are not even in the facility through 3D 360 degree simulations that make the experience seem quite realistic. 

Relieve chronic pain

VR can also aid individuals to temporarily ease pain in daily life. The elderly face a variety of issues as they get older, and some illnesses such as arthritis can only be prevented and not treated. 

Through the use of VR, the elderly can now put a pause on their physical discomfort by being able to access a peaceful scenario such as a tranquil beach or a tropical island. This simulation integrates techniques of mediation and mindfulness with VR technology to create a safe place for seniors to retreat to. 

Why YesVR?

So after knowing all of these amazing benefits for both the aged care professionals and the elderly, how does YesVR fit into all of this? 

YesVR is able to create a variety of simulations, inclusive of 360 degree videos, 3D imagery and amazing stereo sound, which is why we are the perfect company to strengthen the aged care sector in NSW and, of course, Australia. We can cater and create as the clients wish; be sure to check out our website to book a free demo for your organisation.

Written by Belinda Saha

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