VR training offers trainees a chance to experience simulations which bring out the best of their judgement, confidence and decision-making skills. With an ever-evolving working landscape the quality of VR training content is integral to the company and employee’s success.Employees are immersed in soft skills development when using VR so they can gain better communication, leadership and time management skills.  Experiencing relevant training content with real life personas that mimic behaviour that employees could easily find themselves in, leads employees to understand and be familiar with situations they could face in their work environment. Familiarity with such situations helps a person manoeuvre their way through such situations if they were to arise in their surroundings in real life.

A great example of such a situation would be firefighters preparing to put out a car fire through a VR simulation called ‘FLAIM’. This simulation presses focus on being environmentally friendly as opposed to its counterpart the live ‘hot’ fire training which consumes real resources like wood and fuel while also negatively impacting health of the trainees. This VR training simulation of fire preparedness fully immerses the fire fighters’ leading them to interact with and diffuse the situation, giving them ‘muscle memory’ and better recall of fire preparedness methods.

Getting started – choosing softwares and L&D

Compelling content for VR training can induce better outcomes for the trainees and L&D leaders. There are a few ways of creating compelling VR content for your business’s specific requirements;

L&D content is a source of immense richness and knowledge which when converted to VR training can bring it to life and make the impact of the training greater. The trainees are able to grasp more of the knowledge when they are ‘experiencing’ the scenarios and interacting with it. This is why it is important to reach out to the right kind of VR training content provider that can custom  make training to suit your department needs.

Choosing an expert content creator for custom trainings

Here is how to choose the right VR training provider for your business and what they will bring to the table;

 Outsource training development to a training company that specializes in what you need for your training modules. By reaching out to the right company, you can save your time. Existing E-learning content can also be converted to VR learning modules. A test run with a company to check their design skills and compatibility is a good idea in order to work out appropriate training modules.

Clear communication about goals, objectives, training modification with your training content provider is important. Scheduling regular meetings, transferring content that needs to be elevated makes the process easy and enjoyable while also achieving required effective training modules.

In the process of the making of your training content, frequent checks and feedback makes the learning content more viable.

A good training company also provides constant post development checks, support and updates. They can provide updated resolutions in case of headset updates and be on call to troubleshoot VR tech issues.

The impacts of well formulated VR training modules have led companies to formulate better training programs inclusive of different types of learning outcomes. VR helps in experiencing varied situations in a low-risk environment as the trainee is in a safe and controlled area. VR training is especially useful for learners who experience difficulty retaining knowledge that is provided 

Compelling and inclusive training content motivates an employee to handle adverse situations. With a greater sense of familiarity and innate confidence, an entire team can be uplifted and work environments can be invigorated with positivity and enthusiasm, that in which can leverage a business towards greater success. 

Written by Simran Singh

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